DELTA 50-850 Review

The DELTA 50-850 1.5 HP 1200 CFM Vertical Bag Dust Collector features a volume-saving vertical design that doesn’t compromise the power of its completely encased 1.5 HP motor, which moves up to 1,200 cubic feet of air per minute by employing curved steel impellers for durability and maximum air velocity. The vertical dust collector sits on a sturdy steel base, and four glide wheels that can move anywhere in your shop without damage.  The durable plastic collection bag can be mounted on one of two rings. The upper bag can filter out pollutants 30 micron in size contaminants that your eyes can’t see but your lungs will thank you for. In addition, you can upgrade your machine to five or one-micron filter bags. The 6-cubic-foot collection bag is a 6-mil durable plastic that allows you to see when the bag needs changing.

Overall Product Rating: ★★★★☆

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Exhaust is filtered through the filter bag rather than the collection bag to prevent air from escaping. The dust collector includes four swivel caster assemblies, a cord, a plug, and an instruction manual.

DELTA 50-850 1.5 HP 1200 CFM Vertical Bag Dust Collector Features

  • Powerful, induction motor for long-lasting, smooth performance; totally enclosed to protect it from damaging dust
  • 6-milimeter plastic collection bags offer large chip capacity and easy disposal
  • Curved steel impeller produces maximum air velocity for efficient dust collection
  • Sturdy steel base with four easy-gliding wheels for moving from machine to machine or for storing out of the way
  • Utilizes clear 6-mil durable plastic bags for changing ease

The DELTA 50-850 Reviews

DELTA 50-850 review The DELTA 50-850 1.5 HP 1200 CFM Vertical Bag Dust Collector received a slew of mixed reviews on 56 customers left their honest opinions on the machinery that they purchased. Here is what they did not like about the product.

Performance- Everyone that left a one star review was disappointed with their purchases. They complained that the bag does not inflate properly and that it was incredibly noisy.

They did not recommend the DELTA 50-850 1.5 HP 1200 CFM Vertical Bag Dust Collector to anyone else.  Another person also commented on how disappointing the product was but they had their problem rectified by the manufacturer.  Read more reviews – click here.

Among the disappointed, were the happy and overjoyed. Some customers gave extremely positive reviews on the product. Here is what they said.

  • Performance- Other customers said that the fit and finish of this product was more than sufficient. It was surprisingly quiet and they said that the product couldn’t get any better for them. It was exactly what it was described to be. It definitely kept the shop clean like it was supposed to be.
  • Assembly- The customers found that the assembly of the product was extremely easy compared to others like it.
  • Durability- a few customers had their product for a year or more. they still have their original product that didn’t need any repairs.
  • Read more reviews – click here.

The DELTA 50-850 Vertical Bag Dust Collector can be taken one of two ways, negatively or positively.

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